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The surreal fanfare from Elsewhere
Sci-fi orchestra Molino floats through a lonely and digital world

Molino makes futuristic music from a bygone era, carefully created by musical adventurers from New-Zealand, Germany, Holland and Iceland. An indie pop orchestra with hissing electronics and ominous brass instruments, marching through abandoned streets in a dystopian world. Shattered fragments of Thom Yorke and Tune-Yards roar in a sky crackling with electricity, bending over a valley of tilting skyscrapers where sounds echo from bands like Beirut, Balthazar and Efterklang.

Kingdom of darkness

This cloudy universe rotates around two black suns: Linus Kleinlosen and Oliver Emmitt, who form the center of Molino. Kleinlosen is the ‘mad scientist’ who experiments with refined sounds and edgy instruments, constantly purifying the Molino formula with the addition of electronic influences. Stinging pop songs curl from this bubbling mishmash, thickened with the silver sound of brass instruments, the foundation of the Molino sound. The smoky songs are brought to life by the deep, bronze vocals of Oliver Emmitt. In his narrative lyrics, the singer wanders through a lonely and digital society like a pilgrim, in a kingdom of darkness, where power has been seized by shadowy figures.

Symphonic electro pop

In recent years, Molino played such festivals as So What’s Next?, Cross-Linx, Incubate and won the Best Musician Prize at De Grote Prijs van Nederland. Later this year the band will release the symphonic pop album Lo and Behold, which originated from the lockdown project of the same name. Flowing melodies and fluid harmonies float around the globe, grasped from the air by musicians in different countries, adding new layers to each song. With Lo and Behold, Molino has made a boundless album for a confined world.

Oliver Emmitt – vocals, trombone and guitar
Linus Kleinlosen– saxophone and synthesizer
Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson – clarinet and electronics
Daniël Eskens – electrical bass
Jeroen Batterink - drums

artwork band picture: Mónica Angel