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The surreal fanfare from Elsewhere
Finding themselves beyond the borders of any existing genre, Molino decided to create their own. They call it dystopop: a mix of the absurd and the morose, of dark ballads and upbeat improvisation, and of brass and electronic instrumentation.

Based in Amsterdam but with members hailing from Iceland, New Zealand, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, in the last five years Molino have developed a strong reputation for their live performances, and on their most recent tour travelled to Iceland in November 2018. Having last year released their first EP, Dodgy Dealings, Molino are now poised to release the follow-up, Sinner, featuring the lead single ‘Rorschach Test’. Out December 1, Sinner is the first of three new EPs that are to be unveiled before the eventual release of a new full-length album later in 2019.

"Molino is a total musical surprise that will knock you off your feet."
–Pinguin Radio

photo credits: Lukas Eylandt